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Solutions you can count on


We can help you take advantage of the latest in cloud computing technology.

You no longer need to maintain and manage a datacenter on premises. We can help migrate your applications to providers like Amazon web services and Google Cloud services.​ You immediately benefit from:

  • On demand scaling.

  • Reduce costs. Only pay for the compute resources used.

  • Backup and disaster recovery.

  • ​Increased network security

A trusted, outsourced IT support company can reduce the stress, risk and expense of maintaining your computer network. Just as most of us wouldn’t consider handling legal matters or completing corporate tax returns without the help of professionals, managing your IT systems should likewise be left to IT specialists. Particularly with the explosion of new cyber security risks, managing your computer network has become more complex than ever before.


If concerns about your level of Cyber Security are making you more uneasy lately, they should be. Your greatest vulnerability? Your people (usually unknowingly) allow access to your network and information.

We can assist you with the following and more. ​

  • Anti virus protection.

  • Data backup and disaster recovery.

  • IT security policy advising.

  • Malware protection.

  • PCI compliance testing.

  • SPAM filtering.

  • Secure web certificates.

  • Best practices training.


We can supply and perform installations of Servers, desktops, laptops, printers and other network equipment for your business.

If a rock solid WIFI solution for inside or outside your premises is what you seek, we have the ideal solution, which is easily expandable and can be configured with various security options. 

We have both the expertise and the experience to ensure your computer network installation project is designed in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

We can also setup up emails and collaboration tools for you and your staff.

We have expertise with Office 365 (outlook) and G-suite (Gmail) 

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